Indigenous Procurement & Mentoring

Indigenous Procurement & Mentoring

At CT IWorkforce, we value the importance of respectful and sustainable methods of engagement with the Indigenous community - our approach is tailored to maintaining these standards to effectively attract Indigenous job-seekers.

Our strategy involves dedicating our efforts towards creating innovative opportunities that engage Indigenous Australian job-seekers, providing mutually beneficial relationships with local businesses.

Indigenous Employment Program

An inclusive workplace is beneficial for all those involved and our approach aims to emphasise this to the community in which we operate.

We've created long standing relationships with local businesses who share our common goal and commitment of increasing diversity in the workplace. Working alongside new and existing clients, we aim to provide employment opportunities to Indigenous men and women. One of our primary focuses is young Indigenous people who are most at risk for facing unemployment in their futures.

The primary goal of this program is to assist Indigenous men and women in finding valuable employment and improving diversity in the workplace, while also assisting employers in meeting their Indigienous employment targets.

Indigenous Business Procurement

Our team works alongside businesses to help meet minimum spend requirements for Indigenous Businesses on your projects. We offer a way for you to meet your procurement targets while also receiving reliable services.

We're committed to developing long-term partnerships that help us engage the communities in which we exist through various programs.

Indigenous Mentoring Program

With cultural sensitivities in mind, we've designed training and mentoring programs that build stronger cultural connections and improve diversity in both the workplace and local community. These programs equip your employees with awareness of  cultural sensitivities, helping form a strong in-house community and reduce the risk to your businesses reputation.

Our commitment to ongoing mentoring increases the likelihood of successful placements and reduced turnover rates within businesses, helping to build stronger cultural connections and grow the community perspective. We ensure minimal disruption to general operations while creating a difference in your team.

Successful mentoring involves sharing common goals and a commitment to building the mentoring partnership as well as mutual trust and respect.

  • Create individual retention places for trainees and employees.
  • Ensure regular mentoring sessions are conducted on both an individual and team level, increase the retention of employees.
  • All payroll and account management are completed and submitted by specified times for all Indigenous employee administrative duties.
  • On-site cultural awareness training for staff and teams with the common goal of building and maintaining relationships with Indigenous communities.
  • Assist leaders with the early recognition and resolution of employee performance issues.
  • Assist pre-start meetings addressing lateness, no shows or any performance related issues with trainees.
  • Work alongside registered training organisations to ensure all traineeship requirements and support are adhered to correctly.

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